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Mouse cursor download for windows 10

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Create mouse cursors for Windows, web sites and applications. Techline Cursor Pack Free. Incorporate dazzling animation cursors. An animated cursor inspired by Warcraft II. Iconoid Free. Manage, maintain, and create anything and everything to do with icons.

Love AnimatIon Cursor Free. Use personalized cursors for your loved one. DotMouse Free. Change your cursor arrow and enable it to turn and point in the direction it's moved. JustCursors Free. Create and edit static or animated cursors for Windows. Customize your desktop with animated cursors and semitransparent wallpaper. GConvert Free to try. Extract icons from various file types, view, edit, and save them.

Make and edit animated cursors and icons, and manage images and convert them to icons. ArtCursors Free to try. Find, create, edit, import, export cursors and manage cursor libraries. AniTuner Free. Create, edit, and convert Windows animated cursors. IconArt Free. Highly-compact icon creator. Funny Cursor Free. Make your mouse cursor point to the direction its moving.

ViVi Cursor Free to try. Add various effects to your mouse pointer. Xeonyx Cursors Free. Change your default desktop cursor. Indianapolis Colts Cursors Free. Show your team spirit with these Colts cursors. Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer Free. Change your default mouse cursor to static or animated cursor. MouseZoom Free. Magnify and analyze the distance and color of the current mouse position. While it is possible to make cursors of non-standard size, Windows will automatically resample them decreasing image quality.

Find out how Vista icons differ from XP icons. Open Cursor Library. Search cursor library. Blue Scopes Cursors by Eliot I wanted to make a new set, here are all 17 cursor roles!

I might ani Are you ready to handle these p Minecraft Enderman Cursors by Nocturnyl Youre walking around the internet looking for cursors until you appro Sly Spies Cursors by ll James Bond better watch out. Hey everyone! I love colors, so just made thi Sariel Cursors by Pomelo I just want to use cute cursors on Mac. White dog Cursors by goat these cursors were made by me using a sprite sheet of an old s sh Cute pokemon compilation Cursors by goat these cursors where found on tumblr, i made them usable for pc.

Ian's Custom Pack v3 Cursors by iancloneyyy all custom icons made by yours truly besides the busy and text select Cursor sets Cursor junkyard Using cursors Cursor on your web Upload cursor. Graphics archives links.

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If you like vivid colors, you can give this cursor set a try. It is just like getting a feel of an elegant neon rainbow. These are a total of mouse cursors; 14 cursors per color set. Download Neon Rainbow 1. Neon Rainbow is a set of cool cursors that can change colors. It can be very pleasing to the human eye. Download Neon Rainbow 2. The Windows 7 Remixed Cursors has a simple collection of colors and circles at the same time.

This set is cool to use with a straightforward design. The only difference between Remixed Cursors and the standard Windows cursor is that the former has different colors. The overall look of the mouse cursor remains unaffected and the same. Download Windows 7 Remix Cursors.

With a simple and fresh look, the cursor set also contains some animated mouse cursors. Download Glowing Aero. The Black Royale Cursor Pack is specially made for lovers of the black color.

The type of animated cursors in this pack are Help, Busy, and Loading. You can install this with an INF file. Download Black Royale. Revolver cursors are regarded as the best gaming mouse cursors for gaming enthusiasts.

The cursor set makes your desktop playful with revolvers along with five chambers. It consists of a Zip file with two folders. The other one is for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 9 48 pixels. Download Revolver Cursor.

This one is for Billiard Ball lovers. It is a combination of numbers and balls with different colors Sprite. Download Billiard Ball. These cursors with MSPaint. Deep Dip is a set of elegant mouse cursors. These cute cursors are made up of tiny golden droplets. If you love a unique and intricate mouse icon, this pointer set will not disappoint you.

Download Deep Dip. You get white pointers with black borders and vice versa in this cursor set. Download Breeze Cursors. Blue Label Cursor is perfect for the people who love the blue color. These cursors look as if they are made of water bubbles. Having these cool cursors will freshen up the look of your desktop. The set is small-sized cursors with simple designs. Download Blue Label Cursor Set. Zood is simple, stylish, and classy, with no glittering add-ons.

It is just a simple mouse cursor set with a new and refreshing look. Download Zood. These unusual and classy mouse cursors are a simple combination of black lines. The geometric touch in their look makes them look unique. Make sure you try these cursors and let us know about your experience.

Download m33mt33n. This beautiful set is arrows designed with primary colors. As the name signifies, it has a soothing moonlight color. The main mouse pointer in this cursor is the same as your standard mouse icon. However, the difference lies in the different aspects of the cursors used for various purposes. Download Moonshine Cursors. The set already contains shadow, so put your shadow in disable mode by going into mouse settings.

Download kCursors. You will be amazed by the beauty of these mouse cursors. The glassy look of these icons gives it an elegant and royal look. The transparency of the mouse pointer also adds to the overall look of the cursor set. Download Glass Cursors. They have a black outline with colors filled inside. The dark outline gives them a weapon-like look.

If you are a gaming enthusiast who wants to create a gaming guise for your PC, look no further than the Dark Glass Cursors. Download Dark Glass Cursors. These cursors come in blue color and simple design. This is made especially for Windows.

It has an INF file to install. You may Install it in your cursor folder and customize it with the Mouse settings option. Download Comix. Azenis is one of the cool cursor sets. It is a beautifully designed Windows cursor set. The collection is filled with different sized arrows with a combination of black and blue with glowing light.

This can also be the best option if you are looking for animated mouse cursors. Download Azenis. Outer Limits is another elegant set to add to your mouse cursor collection. The set has a classy rocket look. The cursors are static without any animation. Download Outer Limits. Grey Tango-white is a good pick for math lovers. These are Mathematical symbols in white color with a simple interface. It works best with the dark background of your desktop.

Download Grey Tango. The BTS cursors is for hip hop lovers. There is a cute boy with cool swag that acts as your cursor. Download and use it as your cursor for any cursor action. Download BTS. McCrack is a pack of animated mouse cursors with cartoon characters. The set is specially designed for Windows cursors. You will have the instructions to install in the downloaded file. Download McCrack Pack Cursors. So, a ghost was missing in the list, but now it is complete with these cursors.

Download Cursores Fantasmas. Numix cursors have an elegant design, thanks to the curves that end with pointy tips. If you are bored with the standard mouse pointer, the Numix mouse cursors have light and dark versions; they are also good choices if you wish to have a professional look for your desktop.

Download Numix cursors. Looking for a more artistic alternative? Oxygen cursors are one of the most popular cursor sets available for the Windows operating system. Also being February, check out some Valentine's Day Cursors. I am working on redesigning the entire website, and changing the website CMS software to Wordpress. This is a huge undertaking, and I am not able to automatically transfer my database to wordpress.

According to my database, I have over 12k cursors. I believe, this will take me over 6 months to complete including redesigning the website. Yay, my website can finally leave the year the last major redesign.

I already started on it, and have already ran into major problems. I have a lot of new features that I want to do too, including making this site mobile friendly.

Stay tune for that! And thank you for your continuous support throughout the years. This month's favorite cursors is the "Unborn 8. This beautiful, yet minimalistic set was created by GentlemanGezzy. Gezzy, has some other beautiful set on his DA page. The complete unborn set actually has over 12 colors! So check them out. I pretty much got everything fixed, but there is still some problems here there.

I'll be spending this month, updating the website, TOS, and privacy policy as well. I removed, the facebook page, on our sidebar today as well. I been trying for years to get access to the facebook page, and finally just gave up.

FB has been no help in getting access to that page with 50k likes. Thanks all. This is my first actual update in many years! And it's for the break out game of , Among Us. This was a wild and crazy year, and it's finally coming to an end! The icons for these cursors were created by " BongosBroly ".

Check out his DA page for a variety of other goodies. A total of 14 of them were created. One is animated, that I did of the other icons rotating.

I logged into tumblr today for the first time in two years, and noticed none of our cursors or images were working. After some digging, I noticed that tumblr is forcing all static images and files to redirect to https web address.

So I installed LetsEncrypt. However it's superslow compared to a normal http protocol. I am trying to figure out how to improve the speed. The website serves millions of files a day, I think it will be bad for the server Just change DNS, so don't know the full impact yet.

Also all cursor codes have been updated to include https. There were problems when I tried to implement this years ago. The file servers will be SSL for now, but the main site will not. Something happen to our server on January 13ths and caused the server to pretty much drop dead. Everything from our files and website itself couldn't be reach.

Took 6 days, and help from Steven over at Rack I am still working out a lot of bugs. Please bare with the random disconnects and server issues for a bit. Thank you all. Check out this cool cursor set called "Hell yeah" by Agent Cakes. BTW I am loving that name lol. All but one cursor in this set is animated. It's a very futuristic cursor set, that would go with a similar theme.

Or if you just like sharp looking mouse pointers, this one is for. This set comes with.

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WebDOWNLOAD ADD BRIGHTNESS TO YOUR LIFE Native and easy control of your cursor There is a possibility to set the size of the cursor. Thousands of additional custom cursors packs are available for download from the . WebDownload free Mouse cursor Icons in All design styles. Get free Mouse cursor icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design . WebDownload free Mouse pointer middle finger Icons in All design styles. Get free Mouse pointer middle finger icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles .