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Daves picks 42 download

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Grateful Dead. Retrieved January 19, October 27, Retrieved November 2, January 19, Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved February 4, Grateful Dead Family Discography. Retrieved March 6, Retrieved February 8, Ladies and Gentlemen Garden Aud. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, D.

June Fox Theatre, St. Acid Tests Bill Graham v. Categories : Dave's Picks albums Rhino Records live albums live albums. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album chart usages for Billboard Album chart usages for BillboardRock. From The Mars Hotel. From The Mars Hotel [Expanded]. Go To Heaven. Go To Heaven [Expanded]. Grateful Dead Records Collection Remaster. Louis, MO. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA.

I Bear's Choice. In The Dark. In The Dark [Expanded]. Infrared Roses. Ladies and Gentlemen Live Albums Collection. Ready Or Not. Reckoning [Live] [Expanded]. Rocking The Cradle: Egypt Shakedown Street. Shakedown Street [Expanded]. Smiling on a Cloudy Day Remaster. So Many Roads Terrapin Station. Terrapin Station Remaster. Terrapin Station [Expanded]. The Golden Road The Grateful Dead. Wake Of The Flood. Wake Of The Flood [Expanded]. Without A Net.

Workingman's Dead. Song: Radio Spot - Grateful Dead.

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I am looking forward to Dave's Picks and can't wait to start my subscription. Thank You!!! In addition to other benefits, having a set schedule with timed releases allows the producers more freedom to plan bigger projects.

To state the obvious, look at the bigger project this year brought with the timed releases of Road Trips. Shipping I picked the "Normal" shipping, hoping it would be taken out at check-out. Oh well, live and learn. Dave's Faves? Much better than Lemieux's Chooses. New artist for covers I would really want to see new artwork. I've grown very tired of Scott McDougall's work, espcially the Europe '72 covers, because I bought the ltd.

I KNOW there's an outstanding graphic artist or several artists in the ranks of the Dead Head community, time to give him or her a chance to make a good name for themselves. As for this show, it's about time this show was released. I'm still thinking it over if I should get in on the subscription scheme. With art generally being a With art generally being a subjective sort, you're unlikely to find something that's going to please everyone.

I happened to find the E72 box covers great and perfectly in-line with the original E72 release and the concept of the release, in general. I'm sure most people would be on-board with giving others a shot at things, but I wouldn't be naive to think that any new artist that comes in is going to be loved by everyone. Looking forward to hearing Dave's Picks.

Regards, Ted. Got Mine Had to sign up for this. I love the various Archive series and also like the subscription idea as I missed out on a couple of Dicks Picks. I tried to order DP 34 from Best Buy having seen the heads up from some of the guys on these posts. Not a fan of the limited releases I don't usually bitch, but if it turns out that I can't get these releases just because I don't subscribe, I'll be pissed.

We'll see how this goes. As for a May '77 release to kick off the series, I don't think there will be any complaints there. Norman again? Will it be delivered on time and correct or will it be on hold for months and sent to the wrong address? Will the discs come out of the sleeves? I said it before and I will say it again, once bitten twice shy, you ain't trickin' me again.

I will wait and buy one at a time after they have been announced and I can see the product and hear the product, not before. Boy, you marketers at Rhino must think we are all stupid or just so hard up for the music we will do anything, including allow ourselves to be ripped off, to get this music. Sorry, David and the rest of you, not this time. Or, how about this, I will dispute my last order and use that money to buy this one. Ha, then I would have to go thru the entire thing again, bad discs, bad sleeves, bad customer service, you all get my drift.

Why bother? Lemieux's Muses And THAT is the big change with this release. My times have changed. I wonder what Jerry would think about limiting the music he once said was for all once played. Dave's Picks Like unkle sam I view the new edition with a good deal of scepticism.

Are the numbers really limited? Again there is an exorbitant cost for postage to overseas destinations. This is a double whammy as the tax is charged on the combined cost of the item and the postage. Many years afterwards, I still smart from when I purchased the complete Dick's Picks series and found that the cost of postage was over dollars more than the actual cost. On the home page there is an animation with several dates that gives way to the presumably Dave's Picks logo. Limited Editions I'm perfectly willing to sign up for a subscription, but enough of the "Limited Edition" crap already!

This is so unfair to the fans. Sure 12, maybe enough to cover the initial demand and then some, but what about the new fan 5 years from now or the long time fan who can't spare any money right now but wants to fill out their collection sometime down the line? They are out of luck. Dafydd, It is a sad fact that prices soar exponentially for us folks outside the US. The bigger, heavier and more expensive the order, the more the shipping will cost. On top of that, we have to pay tax and import duty on both the cost of the goods and the shipping charge.

Sadly this is a fact that cannot be avoided and has nothing to do with Rhino. I think we have all experienced this at one time or another. But will us European early birds also get a much lower price if ordered before December 15th? Otherwise, my hope for this new series is not only good shows but also much better album sleeves. I have no special wants at this point but would love to see a complete show from Spring That would be great.

You seem to have spotted the advantage and disadvantage of the limited edition system. For Rhino it is an advantage in that they will not have excess inventory sitting in a warehouse somewhere for years on end and will recoup their expenses in a comparatively short time. For the customers who do not have the means to buy immediately or those who have not yet discovered the Dead's music it is a big disadvantage because further down the line the only way they will be able to get hold of a copy will be through eBay or Amazon Marketplace or the like - and we have already seen what the prices there are like.

It is not only Rhino who are going this way - check out almost any recent vinyl release from anybody and you will most likely find that it is a limited edition, and frequently the numbers are much smaller than Rhino know how many of these they are likely to sell within, say, a year, and that is how many they will manufacture. Whether or not you think this is a much lower price is down to you. At least this time around the International shipping charges seem to be about right whereas previously astronomical sums were initially quoted.

Underwhelming Yeah, I think this is a bit underwhelming to say the least. It's a new series, which is just like the last two series, except limited now. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in, the remastering etc is fantastic, and I pretty much buy anything that is officially released if I'm able. One way to deal with the limited edition discontent would be to offer the music as downloads once the CDs are out of stock.

Speaking of that, get with the friggin' 21st century Rhino and release a download series, for God's sakes! My recommendation for Dave's V2 would be Nice to see that there's plenty of time to get on board too. I'll be jumping in as soon as I get my paycheck next week. Psyched for another great run of music Plenty of negativity, time to put it in perspective. Dicks Picks were great; Roadtrips were a bunch of fun, although I preferred the original idea where they were tour highlights Fall 79, etc.

Have not bought a limited box set or live set and thought for a minute that it was money wasted. Expect nothing less than another round of amazing discs. Keep it up! Jump into an amazing RFK! Folks, there was a bug where customers signing up for the subscription were getting charged shipping.

This was a a bug and b bad. It is also now fixed. Customers who were charged will be credited also. So sorry for the trouble, and now back to your regular discussion Please let 1 of the 4 be this Amazing show!

Not digging the name at all Dave's Picks? Besides it not rhyming and sounding as good as Dick's Picks, it also lacks a lot of originality since Dick's Picks was the original and so well liked.

The name doesn't need to rhyme, but Dave's Fave's would have been a much better name all things considered. Just my two cents Items displayed 3 5 10 25 50 - All -. Sort by Thread Post date Title. Order Asc Desc.

Items per page 3 5 10 25 50 - All -. Some copies of the album include a bonus CD with songs recorded at the same venue the previous night. The concert from the following night, also at Winterland, was released in as Dave's Picks Volume Jump to content Navigation. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Go to top. Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk. Read Edit View history. More Read Edit View history. Grateful Dead. Retrieved May 1, Progressive Rock Journal. April 19, Retrieved May 24,

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Grateful Dead - Seaside Chat: Dave's Picks Volume 44

WebDave's Picks Volume 42 The complete show from at Winterland, San Francisco. A bonus diskfor subscribers to the Dave's Picks series was released . WebMay 6, �� ? Download ? [ZIP] Grateful Dead � Dave�s Picks, Volume 42 Winterland, San Francisco, CA () [RAR] Artist: Grateful Dead Album Title: Dave�s . WebDownload fortniteforpcdownload.com_Grateful_Dead_-_Dave's_Picks_Volume_42_Winterland_San_Francisco_CA__().rar fast .