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New gods do not quadrate the old ones, along with a trouble complies with. Coraline Audiobook Free. Well I was incorrect this book contains freeways along with byways, I touched in the collection therapy as well as additionally actually has a lot more deepness than those 8 epidodes could in the past wish for as well as although it never ever before got to completion of overview, actually it did not also make it to your home on the Rock, the collection was a phenomenal methods for me to obtain something that I need to have had a look at years back.

The personalities all completely brought in, the story is well paced as well as the writer clings his center throughout, which for me regardless make this a 5 starbook When archetypes are needed they are utilized as well as additionally utilized with a happily paradoxical influence.

This is the kind of book I could place down as well as go back to, up till obviously I obtained the last stages. Although I anticipate an added duration of American Gods, acknowledging what I recognize currently, will absolutely allow me to cast a a lot more necessary eye on the makeover of this fascinating experience to the television, as well as I expect great factors from the display screen writers as they weave the rest of this tale right into their streaming video offering.

Whether you love books or just need a soothing voice to help you get down to sleep, enjoy this sleep aid podcast with a free episode every week Happy sleeping. This sleep story podcast is here to help your problems sleeping. If you want to hear this audiobook in full, join me on Patreon.

You can get this version and a version with relaxing rain sounds in the background. I hope you enjoy this episode, please leave a positive review! Make a donation - Tip the creator here. Support the podcast on Patreon and get a full extra reading every week, vote on what gets read next, get access to all episodes and complete audiobooks, including versions with relaxing rain sounds.

Down To Sleep is a weekly podcast of book readings and bedtime stories. A mixture of classic adult and children's story books read softly as audiobooks. Down To Sleep is a sleep podcast of bedtime stories designed to help you fall asleep. If you need help sleeping or just want to relax listening to classic tales as bedtime stories with a side of unintentional softly spoken ASMR. Come gently nod off to sleep with me, a new episode every Monday.

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And he must learn to survive in this city of shadows and darkness, monsters and saints, murderers and angels, if he is ever to return to the London that he knew. A middle-aged man returns to his childhood home to attend a funeral. He is drawn to the farm at the end of the road, where, when he was seven, he encountered a most remarkable girl, Lettie Hempstock. Forty years earlier, a man committed suicide in a stolen car at this farm at the end of the road.

Like a fuse on a firework, his death lit a touchpaper and resonated in unimaginable ways. The darkness was unleashed, something scary and thoroughly incomprehensible to a little boy. And Lettie - magical, comforting, wise beyond her years - promised to protect him, no matter what.

Best-selling author and master storyteller Neil Gaiman here presents a breathtaking collection of tales that will chill or amuse readers and that always embrace the unexpected. Locked behind bars for three years, Shadow did his time, quietly waiting for the day when he could return to Eagle Point, Indiana.

A man no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, all he wanted was to be with Laura, the wife he deeply loved, and start a new life. But just days before his release, Laura and Shadow's best friend are killed in an accident.

With his life in pieces and nothing to keep him tethered, Shadow accepts a job from a beguiling stranger he meets on the way home, an enigmatic man who calls himself Mr.

On a rare venture out from her step-mother's hat shop, Sophie attracts the attention of a witch, who casts a terrible spell transforming the young girl into an old crone. By: Diana Wynne Jones. When The Sandman, also known as Lord Morpheus - the immortal king of dreams, stories and the imagination - is pulled from his realm and imprisoned on Earth by a nefarious cult, he languishes for decades before finally escaping.

Beneath the streets of London there is another London. A subterranean labyrinth of sewers and abandoned tube stations. A somewhere that is Neverwhere Welcome to Derry, Maine. Only in Derry the haunting is real. They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-up men and women who have gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. By: Stephen King. In this new anthology, Neil Gaiman pierces the veil of reality to reveal the enigmatic, shadowy world that lies beneath.

Trigger Warning includes previously published pieces of short fiction--stories, verse, and a very special Doctor Who story that was written for the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved series in as well as "Black Dog", a new tale that revisits the world of American Gods , exclusive to this collection.

When Dr. Louis Creed takes a new job and moves his family to the idyllic, rural town of Ludlow, Maine, this new beginning seems too good to be true. Yet despite Ludlow's tranquility, there's an undercurrent of danger that lingers Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle.

Then, on Harry's eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An incredible adventure is about to begin! By: J. Imagine it were possible to bring the characters from a book to life. Not like when you listen to an audiobook with such enchantment that the characters seem to jump off the pages and into your bedroom Imagine they could actually climb out of the pages and into our world.

Then imagine if those characters brought their world into ours. By: Cornelia Funke. In honor of Madeleine L'Engle's th birthday, fans are invited to enjoy this archival audiobook, originally recorded in and newly restored! By: Madeleine L'Engle. Marvelous creations, including a short story set in the world of The Matrix and others set in the worlds of gothic fiction and children's fiction, can be found in this extraordinary collection, which showcases Gaiman's storytelling brilliance as well as his entertaining and dark sense of humor.

At first, things seem marvelous in the other flat. The food is better. The toy box is filled with wind-up angels that flutter around the bedroom. But there's another mother, and another father, and they want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go. Other children are trapped there as well, lost souls behind the mirrors.

Coraline is their only hope of rescue. She will have to fight with all her wits if she is to save the lost children, her ordinary life, and herself. This is just right for all those requests for a scary book. The folklore of just about every human culture is rife with stories that feature talking animals, shape-shifters, demons, witches, spirits, and more. My family listened to this book on the way back from vacation. The group consisted of my mother 62 , myself 42 and my two sons 9 and This story, as is typical of Neil Gaiman, was atmospheric, lyrical and always imaginative.

My mother, who can be a talker, didn't interrupt the story even once. But, the story, which is about a girl's parents who are kidnapped by a fairy tale type character and replaced with strange reproductions, is pretty dark, and scary enough that my 9 year old asked if we could turn it off for a while at one point.

Of course, the next time we got into the car, he wanted to hear the rest, so although frightening, it is still an involving story. So, if you have a particularly sensitive child, I would be careful with this book, but otherwise, I highly recommend it.

This will cause nightmares in younger children. Once you get past that, this is a great scary, adventure story. A dark Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. Listen by yourself before sharing with younger ones, but don't ignore it, it is very entertaining. I love a story that doesn't take a month to get to the point. And a thriller that gets to it is even better. If I'm going to be creeped out, I need to really care about the character, so generally a book needs to spend some time introducing you and explaining why you like the protagonist.

It's easier to do that if the protagonist is a child. Young enough that you can immediately like them and want them to win, but old enough that they aren't completely helpless making their victory unbelievable. Gaiman has done this, and done it well. Coraline is a nice girl.

Too bad about creepy reflections of her parents that want to adopt her now that her real parents have gone missing. The audio is fantastic. The singing rats were creepy. I loved the song that opened the reading. Kind of wished there was more to it. As an adult, it still sends chills up my spine, especially with Neil Gaiman's unmatched performance of his wholly unique horror thriller children's book the likes of which I haven't come across before or since!

I purchased this book for a weekend car trip with my teenagers and was worried that this book would be too childish for them. There was no need to worry. This book is quirky enough to draw kids and adults. After Harry Potter, it is hard to find characters and worlds and books that are fun. This book gives me hope that there are many fine gems out there waiting to be found. We did not find this book as scarey as some of the reviewers warned about.

The book was strange without being too scarey. Thank goodness for the British and their love of scaring the pants off of little kids. It's very odd, as well. People compare it to "Alice in Wonderland" with good reason. The imagery is just as vivid, and the language just as good.

However, I found Coraline to be much more disturbing. The things that happen about two hours in are disturbing enough to me as a 26 year old woman that I would strongly hesitate to give it to any child under 10, and that only for children who have never been afraid of the dark, or of rats I bought this book for my 13 year old daughter, and decided to read it first so that I could make sure it wasn't too scary, and so that we could talk about it.

Even though I was on vacation, I couldn't put it down. Wonderfully spooky and evocative -- and delightfully scary but not too scary. Now I have the audiobook for my daughter, and other kids in the family. By the way, she really liked it too! Although this is ostensibly a children's book, I would hesitate to let my year-old listen to it because it's really rather disturbing. For anyone older than ten, though, it's a lovely read, and Gaiman's narration adds a great deal.

Coraline's dark adventure with the "other" mother is chilling and paced exquisitely. Highly recommended!

I didn't enjoy it as much as The Graveyard Book. However, it was creepy and interesting look at how a child would deal with creepiness. It's good if you like Gaiman. I listened to this book because I love the lovely descriptive words in it, not so much the story. I love this book so much and the audiobook did not disappoint at all! I recommend it to everyone to be honest, just listen to it and relax with a cup of tea.

You will not regret it. A very enjoyable book but the reader sounds a bit robotic. Also the use of american vocabulary in a british story is jarring. A girl being described as wearing underpants is just weird. Reading the book is better than listening to the audio.

Nevertheless a fair listen. I watched the movie before listening. Whyborn is missing from the book. I love his character in the animation. Not a bad book at all would recommend you listen. Never watch before you listen. I'm already a fan of Neil Gaiman and have read some of his other works of adult fiction. I downloaded this Kindle version because I adore the film version and felt it was high time I read the book.

As with all adaptations, the stop motion film varies slightly from the story in this book, however, I still found myself thoroughly engaged in Coraline Jones adventure through the door to the Other Place and even found my breath held in tension at times. I downloaded the audio version narrated by Neil Gaiman himself and found that it also differed from the book; I think it was "Americanised" as there were little word changes flashlight said instead of the torch that was printed, distance was narrated in imperial instead of the metric that was printed, etc and slight sentence restructures.

Having said that, I loved the way Mr Gaiman read his story, the pace of his speech and his tonal inflections; his performance helped to immerse me in the adventure. Coraline is one of my favourite films, I watch it every Halloween and I am overjoyed to say that it's also one of my favourite books now too. I loved the plot and how the author told the story. I've watched the movie ,but I liked how some of the plot was slightly different to the movie.

I recommend this to any fans of coraline. Neil Gaiman is such a great story teller and Coraline is another fantastic story from the master. Title says it all I would recommend getting it if you like the movie! Fantasy Juvenile Fiction Juvenile Literature. Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

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CORALINE Audiobook (Complete - Part 1) - ASMR Bedtime Story to help you sleep - Watch and Download any fresh movies in the world. Coraline Audiobook Free Download - Video Results. Coraline Complete Audiobook with rain sounds . WebNeil Gaiman - Coraline Audiobook Free Online Neil Gaiman � Coraline Audiobook book audiobooks Neil Gaiman � Coraline Audiobook Neil Gaiman � Coraline Audio Book . WebJul 13, �� Coraline Audiobook Free Online Download Written By: Neil Gaiman. Narrated By: Neil Gaiman Publisher: November Date: Duration: 3 hours 38 minutes.