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CT, a relatively new method for the quality inspection of industrial parts, has become a staple of many quality laboratories and inspection processes. Here you'll find the program help files for download. You Have Questions? The tool required to achieve this potential is the statistical analysis of inspection results and their associated meta data, softwxre as cavity number and production time. Your Contact Information. Search Topics

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5s concept sinhala pdf free download

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Knowledge turned into step-by-step workflows enable workers to follow the standards easier and ensure they follow the best practice. The practice eases the stress load and also allows for improved onboarding as manuals and guides are immediately available to newcomers.

When following the 6 th S � safety, managers can work on minimizing short- and long-term hazards that can threaten the physical and mental health of employees. Workers feel safer, which further leads to improved focus and lower stress. While added to the original 5S procedure as the last step, we are going to talk about safety first. It is a critical topic nowadays, often required by legal regulation. Safety precautions should be one of the most important processes integrated into the day-to-day operation, especially in more hazardous environments.

Like manufacturing factories are. With the safety step in 6S lean management, you want to make the workplace safer for workers. Mitigation of hazards and near-misses starts with their identification. Document all safety risks during every stage of the 5S management and you are on a good way to improve the working conditions. Afterward, set up regular safety checks and preventive measures to keep the hazards as low as possible in the future.

Do you know where are all the tools and components that workers use located? The fundamental process of the 6S, sorting, is specifically designed to find out all this information. You need to identify the items placed in the working area to decide what to do with them. Optimize the process by tagging the equipment with color tags or with inspections software.

Is the item unnecessary? Tag it with the red for further processing. Is the equipment misplaced and should be located in a different work area?

Choose a different tag to visualize the difference. Download a free Equipment Maintenance Checklist template to provide guidance to workers handling equipment inspections. After sorting out which items you need to keep, relocate, or throw away, it is time to do so. Organize the workplace to be as functional as possible. Frequently used equipment should be quickly accessible for workers.

It is harder to write down manuals and guides afterward. Sometimes, you can forget about a key step that can present a risk for the next inspection. Or you will have to start from the beginning as the process will be incomplete. Again, you can keep the guidelines on paper, in excel sheets, or also consider to utilizing mobile forms. Choose whichever fits your operation the best. It is time for a proper cleaning procedure to make the area neat and tidy. You should set up a regular cleaning schedule to ensure it is not just a one-time action, but a standardized process followed in the future.

This is the time where you can take advantage of the documentation and notes you made in the previous steps. It is necessary to standardize everything that you conducted during the sorting, setting up, cleaning, and safety phases.

That means you need to create some rules and instructions for conducting the steps regularly. It may be the hardest step in 6S, but when you carried it out thoroughly, you will benefit from the process in years to come. Write down instructions for humans and not in a vague official language.

The better you write the guide, the easier it will be to follow. If you have completed all the steps above, great. You are on track to implement 6S lean management in your company. But consistency is king here. You need to follow up in the coming days, weeks, months, and years to reap the benefits. Set up and schedule regular inspections for 6S management and make it a routine for your team.

Make it a part of the operation. Implementing 5S Program. Should you require a personalized or editable version of these 5S PowerPoint presentations or 5S PDF files just contact the author through the contact page here; Leanmanufacturingtools.

Feel free to download any of the presentations and PDF files here to provide you with all of the info that you need on 5S. You have a comprehensive presentation, Can I ask permission to use your presentation in my classroom educational website, of course, proper citation from the owner.

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