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Line pc application

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And there's this annoying message sending noise that is constantly there. And it took 11 hours for me to get a message today. Backup process has only gotten worse over time. In the past, at least you could save all your data, if in a manual and tedious process.

Instead of improving this by a simple loop all function, Line has moved to Google Drive that only saves the text. No images are saved. And this process is very buggy and fails often. Line is too cheap to have their servers handle backups, too lazy to code a simple loop all for the old method and now too shortsighted to make Google Drive work well.

Been using LINE for almost 4 years and my only qualms are the account transfers it deletes everything and for some reason, I am now unable to send photos.

It's also very inconsistent with the issue. It doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or data. Sometimes it sends and sometimes it doesn't. This started about a week ago when the One UI update rolled out. It looks like others are having the same issue with different devices. Please fix this.

Update today for the latest experience! KakaoTalk : Messenger. Viber - Safe Chats And Calls. In line with its target base, the app also has a unique feature called Snap Movie , wherein users can record a stop-motion video , and edit it to add background music available on the program.

This is a highly-entertaining feature that is fun to use and share. Extra points for creativity and for providing a platform that lets users express themselves in the form of a stop-motion video.

LINE is a Japanese messaging application and is one of the most popular messaging and communication programs in the country. The Sticker Store is a unique feature, but what is most interesting about it is that one can purchase a number of stickers, that are original and well-known characters. The stickers are highly relatable and add a lot to the overall experience of chatting.

The purchase happens to an account that is connected to other platforms and can be used elsewhere, too. Pop culture icons are portrayed really well in the stickers, which include characters from manga, anime, gaming, movies, Disney, and Pixar characters.

There are even some stickers from the Summer Olympics! LINE is not just a messaging application or program but also has a wide range of functions that are fun to explore and share with loved ones. The amazing sticker collection enhances the entire messaging experience, with real and virtually-created characters that one can use for communicating. The wide range of pop culture iconic characters from movies, comics, books, virtual games, and other places really give a cultural and real-world connection.

Especially in Japan, where gaming and manga comics are big, using popular characters to communicate is fun to do. LINE Pay is also a unique feature that makes it easy to purchase additional features , stickers, and more on the app. The digital wallet makes payments easy, and the in-app purchases add to the messaging environment even more.

The money on the wallet can be used on connected applications as well, which is a big plus. While popular in Japan and parts of South East Asia, this app still does not have the appeal or integration as some of the other programs like WhatsApp , WeChat , Facebook Messenger , and more.

Thus, switching from these common messaging programs to this is a big hurdle´┐Żand there are not enough people who are willing to easily make the change. Also, a lot of the stickers and features are relatable if there is a cultural context , but for people not aware or interested in the pop culture references, the feature is like just any emoticon. As compared to LINE, WhatsApp does have its limitations´┐Żin the sense that is is more straightforward, with lesser fun features games, manga, timelines, etc.

This program is really popular in Japan and parts of South East Asia, but it is yet to capture a large market elsewhere, which is a big limitation for anyone thinking about using this as their primary messaging app like how they use Whatsapp, for instance. Older versions can't be downloaded, so the app can't be used on ios 12 anymore. I'm willing to bet that that there are people still using it on older iPhones, but they're out of luck if they ever need to reinstall.

WhatsApp very useful software. I always used WhatsApp with my friends and family. Everyone is using line to sent pic and message. We have good time through Line. While the Asian market has embraced Line with open arms, the west has been a little slower to warm up to this social network and communication utility.

But how exactly do you use the app to its full potential? Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

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