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4 wheel steering system pdf download

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Nowadays all vehicles uses two wheel steering system, but the efficiency of the two wheel steering 2WS vehicle is proven that it is still low compared to the four wheel steering 4WS system car. So, this project is base on how to prove that the 4WS is better than 2WS in terms of turning radius Four-wheel steering is a serious effort on the part of automotive design engineers to provide near-neutral steering. Hence there is a requirement of a mechanism which result in less turning radius and it can be achieved by implementing four wheel steering mechanism instead of regular two wheel steering.

In this project Maruti Suzuki is considered as a benchmark vehicle. The main aim of this project is to turn the rear wheels out of phase to the front wheels.

A physical prototype was realised. Four wheel steering is a method developed in automobile industry for the effective turning of the vehicle and to increase the manuverbility. In a typical front wheel steering system the rear wheels do not turn in the direction of the curve and thus curb on the.

In four wheel steering the rear wheels turn with the front wheels thus increasing the. The direction of steering the rear wheels relative to the front wheels depends on the operating conditions. At low speed wheel movement is pronounced, so that rear wheels are steered in the opposite direction to that of front wheels. At high speed, when steering adjustments are subtle, the front wheels and the rear wheels turn in the same direction.

By changing the direction of the rear wheels there is reduction in turning radius of the vehicle which is efficient in parking, low speed cornering and high speed lane change. In city driving conditions the vehicle with higher wheelbase and track width face problems of turning as the space is confined, the same problem is faced in low speed cornering. Usually customers pick the vehicle with higher wheelbase and track width for their comfort and face these problems, so to overcome this problem a concept of four wheel steering can be adopted in the vehicle.

Four wheel steering reduces the turning radius of the vehicle which is effective in confined space, in this project four wheel steering is adopted for the existing vehicle and turning radius is reduced without changing the dimension of the vehicle.

The most effective type of steering, this type has all the four wheels of the vehicle used for steering purpose. In a typical front wheel steering system the rear wheels do not turn in the direction of the curve and thus curb on the efficiency of the steering. Normally this system is not been the preferred choice due to complexity of conventional mechanical four wheel. However, a few cars like the Honda Prelude, Nissan Skyline GT-R have been available with our wheel steering systems, where the rear wheels turn by an angle to aid the front wheels in steering.

However, these systems had the rear wheels steered by only 2 or 3 degrees, as their main aim was to assist the front wheels rather than steer by themselves. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Four Wheel Steering System. Read Full Text Download. Related Papers. Optimizing the turning radius of a vehicle using symmetric four wheel steering system. Design and manufacturing of a system to measure the turning radius of Vehicle.

Development of 0 Rotating Vehicle. The city and on winding roads. But if expressways and when changing lanes. Four-wheel steering According to Akhtar , The turning radius or turning system is only method to overcome the problem of over- circle of a vehicle is the diameter of the smallest circular turn steering and under-steering.

The purpose of this project to i. U-turn that the vehicle is capable of making. In this we have used linkage mechanism to move all wheels of the vehicle.

We connect both the Ackerman steering by link mechanism to change the angle of rotation of 1. Kumar and Kamble states that At slow speeds, Key Words: Four-wheel steering, Under-steering, Over- the rear wheels turn in the direction opposite to the front steering, Turning radius, 4WS wheels.

This mode becomes particularly useful in case of pick-up trucks and buses, more so when navigating hilly 1. But as we compare it to speed, when steering adjustments are subtle, the front Four-wheel steering system we get to know that the wheels and the rear wheels turn in the same direction.

As a efficiency will be more in four-wheel steering system and we result, the vehicle moves in a crab like manner rather than in can get low turning movement by the help of four-wheel a curved path. This action is advantageous to the vehicle steering system. In four-wheel steering system, rear wheel while changing lanes on a high-speed road. The elimination also turns rather than just follow the front wheel. As in four- of the centrifugal effect and in consequence the reduction of wheel steering system both front axle and rear axle moves as body roll and cornering force on the tire, improves the per the requirement of the operator of the vehicle.

As in stability of the car so that control becomes easier and safer. So, we thought that to 1. Superior cornering stability. Improved steering responsiveness and precision. Four-wheel steering 3. High speed straight line stability. Notable improvement in rapid lane changing maneuvers.

According to Saxena, Kumar, Luthra and Kumar , by controlling the 5. Smaller turning radius and tight space maneuverability at steering angle of all four wheels, this active steering system low speed. Relative wheel angles and their control. Four- steering, whereby the rear wheels are turned in the opposite wheel steering has been applied using Ackerman steering in direction.

The 4WS system is effective in the following both axles. As in front as well as in rear. We have used motor in terms of steering because of the compact size of the modal. For 1. This creates an Mechanism. We have use L type link to play the Ackerman uncomfortable feeling for both driver as well as for the mechanism and we connect a simple link to the L type link to passengers sitting in the vehicle.

This depends on the nature make the mechanism free to more. And because of the link of the turning of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle and arrangement we have to make the mechanism possible to dynamics of the vehicle. Our motive to design the steering give high efficiency in terms of less power.

So, we have system by taking all the aspects of the problems in vehicle design the Mechanism first and then we implement our idea and to overcome the problem being faced by the driver and over that.

We have attached two DC motor to rear axle drive passenger while the vehicle turning. Our primary aims it to to provide equal movement to both the wheel so that develop the steering system which can offer a better turning forward and backward motion of the vehicle can be done. This model will work on the real We have connected all the motor and arranged switched to vehicle.

We used Iron Bar to connect link mechanism to each other The model can be used to have a platform for further and wheel that we use are of plastic and motor that we used information, research and development.

With DC motors we connect a Gear Box to provide more torque so slide movement of steering can be 1. As Photo of the linkage Mechanism if given below. In four-wheel steering system, two objectives are to be achieved. The first one is to develop a working model of four- wheel steering system. And second objective is that to learn the advantages and benefits of the four-wheel steering system with respect to two-wheel steering system. We also learn to make this possible by the help of kinematics of link mechanism.

As the motor which is connected in the middle with the link moves simultaneously other link also moves from which According to Bevinkatti, Mali, Bayas, Ghadage and Anuse L Type Link also moves as shown in figure 2. Parallel parking: Due to smaller turning radius the parking Steering system that will move to turn the vehicle according and un-parking of vehicle is easily performed towards the to the use of driver or as per the requirement of the driver to right or left side.

High speed lane changing: In this is less steering sensitive this does require a lot of concentration from driver since he Figure 3 shows how the Wheel of this vehicle will move and has to judge the space and vehicles behind them. We can control this by the help of 4. Narrow Roads: Due to rear wheel steering on narrow switches which we have connected to battery from the roads with tight bends, counter phase steering reduces the motor.

As Opposite poles try to move motor anticlockwise turning radius. If compare to two-wheel steering system it is highly efficient in achieving low turning radius to overcome from the problem of oversteering, Understeering and counter steering. We achieve movement of rear wheel with respect to the front wheel by pure mechanical linkages without involving any electronic devices. This system can work in low speed and high-speed lane changing on the road or highway and better cornering.

It can overcome from the problem that are facing by drivers at the sharp turning. It also helps to reduce the turning circle radius of the car and give good maneuverability.

Moreover, the components used in this are very easy to manufacture, Material is easily available in market and Material that is used in this is feasible as well as reliable. Material used in this is available in market as quiet less cost. The linkage mechanism is easy to install and can be Fig Ackerman Steering Linkage System implemented in all types of cars efficiently.

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WebJul 30, �� Download Full-Text PDF Cite this Publication. fortniteforpcdownload.comath, S Richard Tharma, M Vetrivelchozhan, J Hamton Raj, , Four Wheel Steering Systems . Webthis project four wheel steering is adopted for the existing vehicle and turning radius is reduced without changing the dimension of the vehicle. Advantages Superior cornering . WebWith advances in technology, modern four wheel steering systems boast of fully electronic steer-by-wire systems, equal steer angles for front and rear wheels, Usually in vehicles .