disney princess: my fairytale adventure pc download
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Disney princess: my fairytale adventure pc download easy connection download windows 10

Disney princess: my fairytale adventure pc download

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So ummm I like that there are pink things and ummm lots of purple things too! I made my own princess at the start and I made her really pretty! She has long pink hair and a purple dress!

I want to look just like her when I grow up. Like, this one time, there was this really sad flower and it was all alone and I gave it some water and it wasn't sad anymore! This game is really good. Sometimes, I wish I could go into my computer and play with my princess. She is really pretty. We can wear pink dresses and find sad plants and make them happy! Maybe one day I will grow up and be just like her. I see lots of sad people and I wish I could be like my princess and make them happy.

But people are not plants and I am not my princess. Maybe one day I will grow up and be pretty just like her and make the sad people happy. Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure is a Disney licensed game about a little mage apprentice and the mishap she caused while experimenting with a spell, transforming all her little sprites into imps. Your goal? Catch the imps, transform them back into sprites again and save various people's days in the process.

And this covers most of the story, really. So, in the beginning of the game you get to customize your character. You can choose between various dresses, hair styles as well as hair- and skin colours. I think you can even vustomize your name but it doesn't have any relevance whatsoever - naturally, since all the characters are voiced and it's not exactly a triple-A RPG.

After that follows a cutscene in which you see your little princess messing around in her magical garden, casting spells and whatnot. After a little mishap, all her sprites, her little helpers, get transformed into imps which then quickly proceed into your castle, go to the portal room, steal all the portal's crystals and venture into the worlds of five prominent Disney princesses. Throughout the story you will help all those princesses through their day with a lot of problems most of them caused by the imps while attempting to transform the imps back into sprites and reclaiming your magical crystals.

There are five portals in total, making for ten stages two for each portal. And story-wise, that's about it.

Now, gameplay-wise it's pretty basic stuff really. You can move in all directions and you can cast magic. Magic is used to complete certain objectives, make plants grow or shooting down imps.

And that's it. There are some little extras in the game as well. You can tend to your magic garden and you can decorate your bedroom if you so desire. You can find different kinds of flowers and furniture as well as dresse in chests that can be opened once you got specific magic crystals from specific stages. So in short, the game expects you to not only play through but to play through the stages again to open all the chests to decorate your bedroom and re-fill your magical garden.

I didn't do it but there might be some people who will find this appealing. Thing is: it's the most generic video game music I've ever listened to. It is not memorable in any way, shape or form.

But it's much better than pure silence. Staying with the audible things, the voice acting is kinda hilarious sometimes and the voice of your little princess is quite bitch-y if I may say so. Graphics and design wise the game is very basic. You can make out what's what but the character designs tend to be sub standard. If you take a good look at Ariel you will instantly notice how disfigured and horrific her face looks in this game. Yes, I know, it's a kid's game but that doesn't mean that the female narrator of the game has to tell me tzhe same exact thing every time it becomes applicable.

Everytime you engage in "combat" and hunt down imps, she tells you exactly what to do. And it's like that with everything else. I feel like the game thinks I'm stupid and has to constantly remind me of the controls. I know, it's a kid's game but children are not stupid and this is just insulting. Other than that the blandness of story and gameplay combined with the short play time make for a less than commendable game overall.

I mean, I didn't expect much in the first place, just sayin'. However, game's stable, no bugs or glitches, no crashes. Only thing I'm kinda worried about is the resolution the game runs on. I dunno how I made it through, honestly. Would I recommend this game? I played it for a laugh. And it provided me with several laughs soooo Yeah why not.

Also flying trumpets. My 3 year old daughter loves this game. She has beat it twice now. Load More. Say Bye to Hefty Game Deals! More Similar Games See All. Manor Lords. Starship Troopers: Terran Command. The plot is based on the theme of friendship and the fulfillment of tasks. In each of the worlds, children are waiting for missions of varying complexity. Small players will have to:. It also offers extensive customization options for your avatar, clothing, accessories, lock and much more. The character can go on an exciting journey filled with quests, dancing, gardening, decorating, familiar characters.

Every world is full of quests, mini-games. Playing them, players get gems for which they can buy new clothes, accessories, tiaras, wallpaper, furniture, in general, everything that will emphasize their character and decorate their own room in the castle. The game is designed for about the age category of years. Popular games. God of War on PC in.

The player will have a difficult task � to remove the spell imposed on each world. Parents can be calm Perhaps this is one of those few games that can be safely called "kind".

Small players will have to: choose one of the princesses; learn different magic, search and learn new spells; Use their magic wand to help undo spells; turn evil devils back into friendly characters; cast spells on devils and send them back to the magic kingdom; Chat and interact with Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Ariel in their own worlds, as well as explore iconic locations such as Monster Castle, Rapunzel Tower and others; Meet your favorite Disney characters such as Lumiere, Pascal, Flounder, Gus and many others.

You can also create your own character. Quests and mini-games It also offers extensive customization options for your avatar, clothing, accessories, lock and much more. Of course, girls will like it more, but the boy will also get carried away with 3D.

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PC Game is not an official representative nor the developer of this videogame. Players use their wand to cast spells on the imps and send them back to the Magical Kingdom. Each world is full of quests, mini-games, and other familiar Disney characters, and gamers earn gems to trade for new outfits, accessories, tiaras, floor patterns, wallpaper, and furniture to customize their character and decorate their room in the castle.

Improved team-based gameplay with new characters, bigger maps, custom skins, better weapons and user modifications. Crime pays more with every challenging heist scenario plus new customizable weapons and character masks. Uploaded by memoriesofthedaize on February 1, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book.

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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art.

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WebOct 6, �� Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Young gamers travel to the worlds of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana on a quest to transform evil imps back . WebJan 24, �� In Disney Princess - My Fairytale Adventure children can play with the Princess 4 48 votes Your vote: Latest version: See all Developer: Disney Interactive . WebAug 17, �� Download Princess: My Fairytale Adventure for PC Game name: Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8, , 10 .