download a file ssh
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Download a file ssh

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Asked 12 years, 3 months ago. Modified 4 years, 3 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Interesting question! It really shows how peoples' ideas of what is sensible to do get shaped by the tools they use.

I'm really surprised that even after 8 answers, there's not really any way to do this � endolith. And the sadder part for me is, these answers are unlikely to work when chaining connections like I have to at work.

Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. You may want to check out zssh , which is available in universe, and therefore available with sudo apt-get install zssh You need it on your ubuntu server and on your client, but basically when logged in with zssh, you just hit 'ctrl- ' and it brings up the "File transfer mode" which allows you to send files back down the pipe to your client machine, or upload them from client to server.

However, you don't have to re-auth or open a new window to scp. Improve this answer. Jorge Castro 70k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. SpamapS SpamapS Is the ' actually supposed to be there?

If I leave the apostrophe, then it seems like the command is not finished. Then scp -P foo localhost: will copy the file foo in your current directory on the server to your home on the desktop.

Enter fg Enter. JanC: That requires more setup: you have to install an rsh or ftp server, and make sure its configuration is secure. The overhead of encryption is minimal even on a netbook. An ssh-server isn't installed by default either. JanC: Another advantage of ssh is that if you've enabled agent forwarding, you won't have to type a password to do the copy. Workflow efficiency over computing microefficiency.

You can do something like that with some other services too of course. In any case, there are multiple similar solutions that all involve setting up a tunneled connection back and an extra daemon Show 4 more comments. Interesting, could you explain how this works? Are you able to extend this to support "putting" files as well as grabbing them? Eric Carvalho 53k gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

This would benefit by greater detail, including how to connect to an SSH server with FileZilla it's not obvious. Screenshots may also help, in addition to explanatory text. If your file is small enough you can encode it with base64 and then decode it locally: remote. Community Bot 1. What has that to do with anything? You don't need to encode files to txfr them with scp etc.

I'm aware of scp but it's a very disjointed workflow. If I'm working in a given remote directory, I need to get the remote path, disconnect or spawn another shell , do the scping writing out the paths and then reconnect. I'm looking for something that is akin to writing get file and it magically appears back on my local machine.

If it has to do that via some service tunnelled over SSH, so be it.. But it should be session-bound. Plus it was superseded by sftp see my answer � Olivier Lalonde. There's only so much magic to go around; sometimes we still have to push the buttons.

The FileZilla solution is also handy. JanC JanC 19k 4 4 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. All you need is: apt-get install mc from universe After that, run mc, open the menu for left or right panel, choose shell connection, enter username remote-ip, the password - actually, that's it.. Nex0 Nex0 11 1 1 bronze badge. Since you are connecting from a desktop, I guess you can open a second terminal. This is how I often do: from the first terminal, the one where the ssh session is running, I get the full path of the file I need to get, using either realpath myfile or readlink -f myfile older Ubuntu releases doesn't preinstall realpath and copy it.

Doesn't help with the "trying to get a root file and logging in by root directly is disallowed" problem posed in the question. Victor Victor 1. I do not get it � Pierre. I don't think you understand my use-case. I'm in an active SSH command line session and want to send a file back to my local computer from a [potentially privileged, ie not available over SFTP] location. It might not even be a file at its genesis, it might be command output.

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DownloadFile file. Add Task. FromAsync client. BeginDownloadFile file. FullName, saveFile , client. WhenAll tasks ; client. Yuval Itzchakov k 30 30 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Add DownloadFileAsync file. BeginDownloadFile source, saveFile , client.

Thomas Levesque Thomas Levesque k 66 66 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Thank you for the answer, however, I still get the same empty files when I try this. No exception either.

Looks like there is no advantage in using BeginDownloadFile , so you might as well use the synchronous version. Thanks for taking the time, I guess I'll use the synchronous version then : � spersson. I wrapped BeginUploadFile in an extension method to make things feel more modern.

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