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A bend in the road pdf download

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Struggle for Power: A Bend in the River. Israt Alam.

Related Papers. Theme of otherness and writing back: A contrapuntal analysis of colonial and postcolonial novels. A Study of Fragmented Self article. The Devil's Handwriting, Preface and Introduction Alam 1 Israt Alam St Dr. The novel picturizes the lives of the Arab and Indian community living for centuries with long ancestral history in Africa. Therefore, they have very little bond with their original root and country.

Naipaul also shows how these non-native native people have lost their power after the Europeans left Africa and how Africa deals with the new power which was descended upon her from the Europeans. After the European departure it was very challenging for the Africans to hold and maintain the power. Because as a new born nation everyone wants to be powerful and power is not constant rather it is shiftable.

Eventually it is also noticeable in the novel that people want to grab power through corruption. Then I will talk about how the Africans use their new power inherited from the colonizers. Then, what is the actual condition of Arab and Indian communities as they are gradually losing their status and power over they had in Africa.

And finally I will try to show the importance of holding of power in Africa for surviving through some characters such as Salim, Indar, Ferdinand, and Mahesh.

According to Foucault, power is like an web and it comes from the below. Fourth, though it is possible to identify designs and strategies in power relationships, there are no individual subjects exercising this power. There is a rationality and logic behind power relationships.

Fifth, resistance is a part of a power relationship, and it is not external. The storyline of A Bend in the River has chosen from history. By analyzing the story and the events, it can be assumed that the novel is set in real events in Africa. Mobutu took over the power of Congo when the Prime Minister was failing to control the struggles and uprisings happening in Congo among different tribes at that time.

The President gained his power from root level. He ascended the throne of Africa by using his military power and this power came from the below. On the other hand his militant army started to misuse their power soon after their man ascended as the president of the country. In the novel, we notice a shift in the paradigm of holding power, from colonizers to the colonized. Thus there are upheaval and unrest, the Bush people are at war in the new Africa. It is also the result of neocolonialism- exploitation of the nation by the native elites.

One of the native elites is the new president. He too like his European ancestors misused his power. Even though the Europeans seem to lose their power over Africa and its people, the truth is they never lost their power. He starts to uproot non-native natives from Africa and their properties also taken under the government authority. But he cannot be succeeded like the Europeans.

Because in one side he is handling the rebellions and the traditional African cultures in villages and on the other side, in city he creates the Domain where everything is organized in European style. The people relate with the Domain also use to follow the European culture. Africa was firstly dominated by the Europeans. Although Congo is free of European regime it is still under the same power and condition it had been. His photos are everywhere which became a symbol of his powerful existence all over the country.

Another misuse of power by him is his false promise to the young generation of new Africa. These young people like Ferdinand, take their European styled education from the Domain and become confuse about their own culture and identity.

Again, it is also seen that how the chaotic situation in Africa raised an idea that without strong power no one can survive or lead Africa. He also has the power to take away whatever he gives to the people. When he realizes that the Youth Guards assigned to regions stopped doing their job appropriately, he decides to disband them.

In a speech which we see in page in the book, the President calls the Youth Guards monkeys and he believes that by using power and force he can bring them back in the right track again students who were promised to be working with the President hand in hand would also be disbanded and taken out of the way when the President no longer need their assistance.

To stay in power he would use anything and anyone. Finally, in the end of the novel we see chaos breaking in to Africa again and people are losing their faith on the President which means he also failed to make Africa a better place for its people.

The Europeans in Africa played a knowledge role in Africa. In Africa when the European took power from African people, the Arabs and the Indians also became colonial subject to Europe. As the part of their strategic game the Europeans treated the Arabs and the Indians in different manner than the Africans. Secondly, they were non-natives, because they were less threatening to the colonizers than the natives, on the basis of which they enjoy privileges that the colonizers denies the native proper.

But they are natives because they are excluded from certain economic and political privileges that are reserved for the colonizers. Later this confusion about their appropriate identity raised great problems for the non-natives. However, the Europeans also had to give up their power as the Arabs had once. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book.

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WebSep 18, �� FREE A Bend in the Road a Bend in the Road PDF Book by Nicholas Sparks () Download or Read Online Free. Author: Nicholas Sparks | Submitted by: . Web[PDF] Download A Bend in the Road Ebook | READ ONLINE Free PDF => fortniteforpcdownload.com?book=BQTHK Download A Bend in the Road read . WebJan 27, �� Title: A Bend in the Road. Format: PDF,kindle,epub. Language: English. ASIN: Paperback: pages. Product Dimensions: 7 x x inches.