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Iso 14020 pdf free download

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The methods should follow recognized standards that have international acceptability these may include international, regional or national standards or be industry or trade methods which have been subjected to peer review, where such standards or methods exist. The methods used shall be appropriate to the claim and shall provide information that is relevant and necessary to support the claim as well as accurate and reproducible.

This information should be sufficient and reasonably comprehensible to allow purchasers, potential purchasers and other interested parties to evaluate and compare environmental labels and declarations in terms of scientific principles, relevance and overall validity, and to assess whether an environmental label or declaration is consistent with the applicable standards within the ISO series.

This information shall also clearly indicate whether the environmental label or declaration is a self-declared environmental claim or is based on independent validation. The means of obtaining this information shall be made known to purchasers and potential purchasers wherever the product or service is marketed.

This can be achieved by the various means discussed in 4. There may be limits to the availability of specific information due to confidential business information, intellectual property rights or similar legal restrictions. Consideration of the life cycle of a product or service allows a party developing an environmental label or declaration to take into account a range of factors that impact on the environment.

It further allows that party to identify the potential for one impact to be increased in the process of decreasing another. Consideration should be given to the life cycle of a product or service in order to help identify appropriate and relevant characteristics and criteria for environmental labels and declarations or to determine the significance of an environmental claim.

The extent to which the life cycle is considered may vary depending on the type of environmental label or declaration, the nature of the claim and the product category. This does not necessarily mean that a life cycle assessment should be undertaken. This approach leaves maximum flexibility for technical or other innovation. Prescriptive design criteria or implicit preference for a technology should be avoided because of the possibility of restricting or discouraging improvements in products or services which do not affect conformance to applicable environmental criteria or which could lead to significant environmental improvement.

Involvement should not be hindered by extraneous factors or requirements such as procedural complexity or unreasonable information or administrative demands. Reasonable efforts should be made to achieve a consensus throughout the process. The parties shall be invited to participate and encouraged to become involved through timely and adequate notification. Parties may choose to participate directly or through other means such as written or electronic correspondence.

Comments and input shall be responded to in a meaningful way that addresses the substance of the comment or input. For self-declared environmental claims developed in accordance with ISO , consultation is regarded as having occurred during the development of that International Standard. This, in turn, is related to the degree of acceptance and understanding purchasers and potential purchasers have of the information provided about environmental aspects.

Therefore, parties using environmental labels and declarations have an incentive and a responsibility to provide their purchasers and potential purchasers with access to information so that the purchaser and potential purchaser may understand the meaning of any claim, symbol or term.

This can be accomplished through various means, such as advertising, explanatory panels at the retail level, free telephone numbers, and education programmes, among others. The information provided shall be appropriate and sufficient to the nature and scope of the environmental claim being made. Iso - last month 0. Ntc Iso June 0. Environmental Principles And Concepts November 0.

Norma Iso June 0. General Principles And Concepts December 0. Treaty Reservations And Declarations March 0. November 0. Setupdongle Gb June 0. July 0. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition ISO , which has been technically revised. ISO Environmental labels and declarations � General principles. Introduction Ever since recognizing the effect of global warming and ozone degradation given in ISO Type III environmental declarations as described in this International Standard are primarily intended for use in business-to-business communication, but their use in business-to-consumer communication under certain Back to services ISO series standards.

The series of ISO standard defines various communication formats dedicated to environment. The basic standard ISO provides a general framework of communication in order to respect transparency and terminology rules.

Clause 5. Certain conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards. Deben limitar los [ISO , definition 3.

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