Beginner’s Guide To Play Fortnite Effectively

Have you just started playing Fortnite? If yes, obviously you may not be familiar with all the strategies and features of this gameplay. As a result of which many new players may find it difficult to play Fortnite effectively and win this battle royale game.

If you have chosen Fortnite to try your gaming skills or to play something thrilling to kill your boredom, then you must know how to play Fortnite in a proper way and deliver your best to it. Here, we have come up with some of the effective tips and tricks which you must go through to get the most out of this gameplay.

Play Fortnite

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Treat Spawn Island As Your Practice Area

Spawning into Spawn Island will enable you to see various items scattered around, such as guns, ammo, building items, etc. You can take them and it is not possible to take them into the Fortnite map. So, the best idea is to get Spawn Island as your practice area for just to know the tricks of playing Fortnite.

Wait Until Battle Bus Reaches To The Flight Path

The battle bus horn will beep as you put your foot onto the Fortnite map and it will force you to join the players who jump from it. So, instead wait for 3 seconds before the battle bus reaches the end of its way, and then leap out immediately. It will result in no players left to compete with on your landing locations. It means, there will be less competition for loot and you can aim towards your goal.

Drink Small Bottles First

When you move around the map, you will get small and large blue bottles, which you can drink to get 25 shields and 50 shields respectively. Once you reach a point where you have 50 or more shields, you are not allowed to consume more small bottles. So, instead of keeping small bottles in your inventory, you must drink them.


Choose Assault Rifles Or SMGs

When you are going to learn how to play Fortnite, you must use assault rifles or SMGs. Sniper rifles are not effective under 75 meters, so do not use it in close combat and when you are shooting someone close, you have to go for a shotgun that does lots of damage and can kill the enemy in one shot. So, it is good to always keep a shotgun in your hands when you are exploring different areas.

Wear Your Headphones

Make sure to have good-quality headphones on your ears as it will help greatly in hearing the footsteps of your enemies and to figure out what direction they are moving on. When you know the direction of the movements of other players, you can prepare for the next step to follow, like whether to use a shotgun or to hide you.

Inventory Must Include Grenades, Bandages Or Shield Bottles

It is good practice to always keep grenades, bandages or shield bottles in your inventory. These items have their own benefit in the game, such as grenades work effectively in destroying your enemies’ cover and will force them to come out in the open and become the target of your bullets. Additionally, extra healing and shields are helpful for you or can also be shared with your teammates if they are in need of it.

This guide will help beginners in getting better Fortnite gameplay.