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CT, a relatively new method for the quality inspection of industrial parts, has become a staple of many quality laboratories and inspection processes. Here you'll find the program help files for download. You Have Questions? The tool required to achieve this potential is the statistical analysis of inspection results and their associated meta data, softwxre as cavity number and production time. Your Contact Information. Search Topics

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Synonyms of new

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Webrecent, modern original characteristic, novel modern latest, recent unfamiliar strange, different current time, recent recent modern, recently developed further additional, . WebSynonyms of new 1: having recently come into existence: recent, modern I saw their new baby for the first time. 2 a (1): having been seen, used, or known for a short time: novel . Webnewest. adj superlative. new. WordReference English Thesaurus � Sense: Adjective: recent. Synonyms: recent, current, just out, brand-new, fresh, breaking, up-to-date, up .