hikvision dvr software download
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Hikvision dvr software download download whos your daddy for free

Hikvision dvr software download

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The user interface is clear and intuitive without any right-click menus, making it convenient to perform tasks ranging from video management to user-authorization management.

With robust data protection, a fail-safe design, high scalability, simple operation and third party integration, HikCentral Professional is the ideal central security system platform. To access all license models and use the license selection tool, click here. Subscribe to our HikWire Newsletter. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Web Development by 8P-Design. This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware e. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.

As such, many firmware revisions have been introduced over the years to continually ensure the product is compatible with the newest technology available. Due to the many revisions, we recommend that the user closely follows the instructions below in order to reduce the amount of time spent as well as the chance of failure.

As more affordable IP cameras are introduced over time with greater video resolution and data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary. The introduction of firmware v4. After upgrading to v4. X, the recorder database will need to be converted and optimized.

If you are experiencing issues where playback is expected but not found, make sure "Database Repair" is performed as indicated in the procedures and scenarios below. Downgrading is not recommended. Due to new features and parameters constantly being added, downgrading may cause the NVR to factory default itself or require a manual default to operate properly. The new database architecture is also brought into the DVR firmware v4. As more affordable cameras introduced over time with greater video resolution and data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary.

X, the recorder database will need to be converted and optimize. If you are experiencing issues, where playback is expected but not found, please make sure to perform "Database Rebuild" as indicated in the procedures and scenarios below. The process may still varies depends recording data. Database rebuild may not has been completed properly. It is strongly recommend performing the Database Rebuild again.

If the data has not been recorded or has been overwritten, Database rebuild process is not able retrieve those lost data. Have the system upgraded to the latest available firmware version above to prevent any future data lost is strongly recommended for all application. These changes do not have any effect on the performance, specifications, or the user interface of the NVRs. This is clearly indicated on the NVR label and on the box by the serial number. The firmware is not interchangeable:.

Simply download the correct firmware and the upgrade will go through without any issue. These changes do not have any effect on the performance and specification of the recorders. If you are agreeing on behalf of your company, you represent and warrant that you have legal authority to bind your company to the General Terms of Use above. Also you represent and warrant that you are of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside at least 18 years of age in many countries.

Skip to main content. Fulltext search Search. View Download To access all license models and use the license selection tool, click here. Database Optimization and Repair As more affordable IP cameras are introduced over time with greater video resolution and data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary.

Upgrading from v3. Upgrading from versions before v3. X will likely cause the recorder to fail. If the recorder is already at v3. What's the password for a DS-HD1? How do you call from one indoor station to another? Can I add IP cameras to an extension indoor station? What channel do I plug my two-wire outdoor station into on the power distributor? Why isn't the DS-HD1 recording my voice as well as the other person's? How do I make an outdoor station into an extension using the ivms ?

My doorbell sends notifications, but doesn't ring Why is my chime not working? How can I do this? How to i recover it? Why is SADP giving me a "device rejected" error when trying to reset my password? How do I reset my password?

Where does the user manual for IVMS reside after the application is installed? I used the default installation path. Why am I getting error when resetting a password? How do I convert my exported footage into a more common format? When trying to view live video or playback in IVMS I keep getting a spinning animation on the live view like the application is haning.

How do I fix this? When I uninstall the iVMS and reinstall it, why is the previous super user account still saved? Does the SADP software have the option to do firmware upgrades on a device? What is the difference between "name" and "username" when adding a device on IVMS? Can IVMS be used on multiple monitors? How do I create groups in the iVMS? Where are the files I downloaded from the iVMS saved? How do I update my camera names in the iVMS? Accessories How do I know what accessories go with my camera?

How do I add multiple analog cameras to a NVR using an encoder? Why can't I access the web interface of a smart managed switch? Do I need to put a HDD hard drive in an encoder? What is Hikvision network recommendation for deploying a decoder in regards to networking? How do i change from proxy to direct access or direct access to proxy on my HikCentral server?

Can I download the HikCentral control client from the web client? How do I upgrade HikCentral to the latest version? How do i fix this? How do I change the client timeout settings for the Hik central Control Client? How do I add persons to HikCentral? How do I add persons to access level in HikCentral? What ports are required for external access when using HCP 2. How do I add licenses to HikCentral V2. I have a trial license for HikCentral Professional but it doesn't appear to be compatible on Mac.

Is this correct? How many more streams can I get with a HikCentral stream server? Where do I disable the failed login lockout in HikCentral V2. Where do I create roles in HikCentral V2. Where do I create users in HikCentral V2.

An unused device is taking up a license in HikCentral, how do I free up the license? Cameras What are the requirements for a custom audio file to import for the alarm audio? I cannot access my cameras remotely what are some possible reasons for this? How do i default a Hikvision IP camera? Why do I get video when viewing my camera by itself, but not in a group? How do I log directly into my camera? Can I add analog cameras to my NVR? What can I do if my camera has water damage?

What is the difference between H. How do I get to an analog camera's menu? I have one of the TandenVu cameras. How do i set it up? How do I flip my image? Why does my Fisheye camera keeps telling me to install Direct X? I don't see my Smart Events, where are they? How do I turn off the camera's light at night? How do I stop the IR light from bleeding into my image at night? Why is playback all black at night on my LPR camera? What is sensitivity in my events? What does "Cannot connect to camera over xMP" mean?

Video Recorders What is the difference between rebuilding video and rebuilding all? How can I change the date and time on footage that has already been recorded? Why does my recorder reset my date to the s? Can more than 1 monitor connected to a recorder have mouse control? Getting a 'resolution or bitrate has reached the limit' error when adding a camera to a recorder? How do I change my channel names through the recorder? How can I export video? How can I safely upgrade firmware?