Are you the one who always look for something new, exciting or thrilling to experience by playing different online games? Are you the one who love battle royale games? Are you the one who loves to try his combat skills in one or another battle royale or similar games?

If yes, you are at the right place.

Here, you will get to learn about one of the most popular battle royale games, Fortnite, which is grabbing the attention of players from across the world. With the increase in popularity of Fortnite, there are chances that you might have heard about this gameplay from your friends or have seen this gameplay somewhere on the web.

Fortnite for PC and Mac

Fortnite is a battle royale game which is developed by Epic Games. Like other battle royale games, this gameplay revolve around fighting against the enemies, overcoming the challenges and be the last man standing on the battlefield. It allows you to squad up and competes to other players in the battle or you can show your creativity and imagination skills in building the dream Fortnite in Creative.

The game has several features to offer, allowing players to grab the benefits by using its features properly whenever required. If you learn the tips and tricks for Fortnite, no one can stop you from becoming the master of this game.

For your knowledge, though Fortnite has an official version for Android and iOS devices, but to get it on your PC and Mac, you need to take the help of other methods, which we will discuss later in this guide.

So, before moving to the main section of the guide, how to get Fortnite for PC and Mac, it would be good to learn more about Fortnite by going through its overview and features. It will help you in experiencing better gameplay on your system.

Overview of Fortnite

Fornite, one of the best survival games, which is all about how long you will be able to survive and what will you do to survive as long as you can, even till the end of the game. The main goal of each player is to survive a wave of monsters. If you have played PUBG or similar battle royale games, you will not find any difficulty in understanding the Fortnite concept.

It is a 3-in-1 fun and thrilling game, here, each game mode has its identity and serves a unique purpose and goal of the gameplay. These are Save The World, Battle Royale, and Creative, where all three of them have the same gameplay mechanics while enhancing different genres.

Overview of Fortnite

The cartoony and formalized graphics of Fortnite not only attracts kids but adults as well. The players have the freedom to host or to join a multiplayer game as per their choice. The main attraction of this gameplay is collectible skins which enable players to spend hours with their player skin.

Whether you have chosen to play solo or as a team, you have to collect resources to build forts. In the first game mode, a squad of four players fights against the group of monsters. These evil monsters try to overcome the defenses and forts of the player.

The collected resources help in improving forts, upgrading characters and in building traps to defend the forts from the huge waves of evil monsters at night. So, you must try to collect as many resources as you can and in a short time.

The last player who will alive wins the game.

Fortnite offers some extra activities as well, such as mini-games, limited edition challenges, and concerts. It has lots of frantic fun to offer, so if you have not played it even once, you will surely be eager to try it soon after reading about Fortnite.

Now, to get more, let’s go through the features of Fortnite.

Features of Fortnite – Why it is Different?

This section will help you to understand what makes Fortnite so popular in a short time or we can say the features that make it different from other battle royale games. Simply, have a look at these features and learn more about Fortnite offerings.

features of Fortnite


As we have said earlier, Fortnite allows you to show your creativity where you will get endless creative possibilities once you enter this universe. In Fortnite, you are allowed to play multiple games by challenging your friends and have more fun. You can also explore numerous community creations. Heading to the Creative hub will help you to find new features islands every single day.

Build and Destroy

This game enables you to outline the battlefield in your own way by building the cover. So, when you find that your enemy player is hiding behind the wall, simply get off their cover and destroy your opponent.

Weapons and other items

When you enter the battlefield, make sure to get off on your favorite zone, where you get multiple options and opportunities to make a strong battle. Boarding on the battlefield means at each step you have to fight for your survival, which can be possible by gathering resources, collecting gears and battle your enemies with strong combat skills. When you learn to get all these things, you can become the winner of the game.

Squad up

Fortnite is a survival game which allows to squad up with other players around the world or you can choose to play with friends in the same room. When you have your teammates with you to fight against your opponents, the game becomes more exciting when you have trustworthy players with you.

features of Fortnite

Updates and Events

Fortnite is always expanding; the game constantly works on giving more opportunities to its players that fuel the fun. New game modes, new looks for the avatars, new weapons, etc. are adding to this gameplay, along with weekly updates keep the interest of the players.

Apart from these important features of Fortnite, it has many more things to offer, thus giving something extra to the players that encourage them to stay close and be the best in this gameplay.

If you are playing Fornite on your mobile phone, now, it’s time to learn installing it on your PC and Mac, simply to get better gaming experience. Continue reading the next section, exclusively written to provide everything you may need to get Fornite on your system.

How to get Fortnite for PC and Mac?

Most of the players know that Android apps or games can be installed and run on Windows PC and Mac systems, but due to the lack of proper knowledge, they are unable to do so.

We are here to help you out in this regard by providing the information about how to get Fornite on your system as well the different methods to make the installation easier and convenient even if you have no technical knowledge.

There can be several reasons for switching from mobile phone to PC or Mac to play Fortnite, but the major and common reason that forces players to install this game on PC is the large screen. Obviously, when you have a larger screen at home to run this gameplay, then why to use your skills and energy on the small screen of your mobile phone?

get Fortnite for PC and Mac

Of course, we all prefer larger than smaller, no matter what it is.

You have to install Android emulator on your PC and Mac if you are serious about Fortnite and want to win each game and event like a pro. You get better controls on the game using a keyboard and mouse.

Android emulator is nothing but an intermediate that enables Android apps to run smoothly on the PC and Mac systems. As we have numerous emulators, so choosing the best is always a good idea to obtain superior performance and quality, which might not be obtained on a small screen of the Android devices.

Here, we are going to show you step by step guide of installing Fortnite on your PC and Mac using two popular emulators, BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

Let’s move further to learn how to get it.

Getting Fortnite on PC and Mac using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is preferred by most of the players around the world who are looking for getting their favorite Android app or game on their PC and Mac. You can use it to install Fornite on your PC by following the given steps.


  • It will start with downloading BlueStacks on your PC or Mac using the given download button.
  • Once it is downloaded, you need to install it with the help of on-screen instructions.
  • Now, open BlueStacks and sign in to your Google account.
  • It is required to open the Google Play Store on BlueStacks.

BlueStacks download

  • If you have no Google account, you must create a new one.
  • Next step is to search ‘Fortnite’ on the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the appropriate app and start its installation using the Install button.
  • After its installation, simply click on Fornite icon on the home screen of BlueStacks.
  • It will open the game. That’s all.

Getting Fortnite on PC and Mac using Nox App Player

Nox App Player is nothing different from BlueStacks; instead, you can use it as an alternative to BlueStacks. Like, if you get bored of using BlueStacks and want to try another emulator, Nox App Player is the best choice in this case. To get Fornite on PC and Mac using Nox App Player, just follow these steps carefully.

Nox App Player

  • The first step is to download Nox App Player on your PC and Mac by clicking the given download link.
  • Now, install the Nox App Player.
  • Once it is installed, open it on your PC or Mac.
  • Sign-in to Google account to access apps in Google Play Store on Nox App Player.
  • Nothing to worry if you have no Google account, simply create one and move to the next step.
  • Now, look for Fornite using the search box in the Google Play Store.
  • Once you get it, click on the Install button.

Nox App Player

  • The installation process may take a few minutes, so have patience.
  • Next, open Fortnite by clicking its icon on the main page of Nox App Player.
  • Go ahead with your battle royale game.

Fortnite – System Requirements

If you want to get Fortnite on your PC and Mac, your system must meet these minimum requirements to facilitate this gameplay. Whether you are going to install Fortnite on your PC or Mac, the minimum specifications are similar for both systems.

  • Video Card – Intel HD 4000
  • Processor – Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM
  • Operating System – Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS Sierra or higher versions

Note- If you have better PC specifications than the above minimum system requirements, you will get better performance and quality. In simple words, the better PC specs mean the better gameplay on your system.

If you have played PUBG and Rules of Survival and looking for something more colorful and meme filled gameplay, Fortnite is the best alternative in such cases.

Obviously, when you have a number of battle royale games and looking for the gameplay to kill your boredom, you will sure go with this cartoony graphical style game after going through this complete guide.

Now, installing and playing Fortnite on PC and Mac would be quite easier for you if you follow the above step by step instructions attentively. It does not require any effort; everything is done with great ease.

Get Fornite on your PC or Mac, whatever you have and start building and defending your forts with several other entertainment options.